Tuplets graphics doesn't remain changed

• Apr 2, 2009 - 16:02

still Kubuntu 9.04 beta
MS 0.9.5 rev 1698

When I want to edit a tuplet, by moving manually up or down or whatever the ratio, it works fine until I close MS. Then when I re-open it, the ratio has returned to its original (default) position.
It has always behaved the same, regardless of the MS version.

Does someone has the same?



There are several aspects of MuseScore that do not seem to be saved, and revert to a default on reload. The tuplet bracket is just one of these. I've noticed that if a tie is made invisible, this will not be saved, and if a tempo is moved from its default position it will return on reload. Sometimes it will even leave an artifact at the desired position so that you have the tempo text both where you want it and at the default position.

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