Return calms default direction

• Jan 29, 2012 - 13:01

During writing the sheet i've changed default calms directions in many parts. Then i thought return them all to default, how i can? I don't remember where i done it, so i want this action for all sheet automaticly.


Calms directions?

I think you may have a faulty translation here?

I'm afraid that makes no sense in English.

Could it be stems directions?

Or maybe articulations??

I'm guessing here.

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Your way works only if i select page via shift+mouse selection, but if ctrl+a for all pages it doesn't work. Obviously these are two different selections. How to select all pages with shift+mouse as a ctrl+a.

Little addition to your way: at first we have to select "Top" or "Bottom" and then "Auto". Because the default value is "Auto".


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Should work to click the first note, shift-click the ladst - that is the usual way to select a range. As for needing to first change from Auto to up or down and then back to Auto, I don't remember that being necessary when I tried it. If it was already set to Auto (which it might be if multiple notes are selected and they don't all have the same value), then simply accpeting that and hitting OK worked. Maybe it depends on which note you click ehen bringing up the dialog?

Actually, I found the fact that no change was necessary in the dialog to reset values to be annoying. It made it impossible to go in and change all stem directions for a selection without also resetting other note properties. The usual behvior in most programs when Operating on a range in which different elements have different values is to show the value as greyed out initially, indicating that no change will be made to that value unless you actively change it. For instance, if you select a bunch of text where some is bold and some is not, the Bold icon shows as greyed out. I'd prefer it is Note Properties worked that way, but it doesn't.

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