MusicXML Input on Multiple Wavy-Line no numbers Hangs or Crashes MuseScore

• Nov 28, 2016 - 21:30

On both 2.0.3 and latest Nightly (Nov 28, 2016) a musicxml file which has two wavy-line elements in the same notation to represent the stop of a previous trill and the start of a new one, for instance, will hang (2.0.3) or crash (Nightly) MuseScore unless they have distinct numbers attached to them. If neither element has a "number" attribute then it crashes, or if one of them has a number attribute but the number is 1, then it crashes, or if both have number attributes of any number but they are the same then it crashes.

I believe I have seen the same behavior with other notation elements (slurs, etc.) but I only have a support file for now with wavy-line element. This test case came from the Lilypond Unofficial MusicXML test suite, example 32a, so it's a musicxml example "in the wild". I've patched it in my fork and have the broken version as example 99c at //

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