Bugs with triplet input -- 0.9.4 on WinXP

• Apr 4, 2009 - 12:08

In the attached score,

a) if one attempts to enter a 1/4-note rest, voice 2, 1st beat, 9th measure the program crashes (one can work-around this by entering a note and later changing it to a rest)

b) if one attempts to enter a the 2nd triplet, voice 1, bar 21 and is less than precise about the placement (i.e. if one doesn't drop the note exactly above the rest) the program crashes

c) incidentally, if a line break falls between bars 8 and 9 the glissando line is improperly drawn (and if one falls between bars 7 and 8 the tie is somewhat ugly)

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What revision number are you using. I know that some work has been done on making mouse-entry less finiky. It's best not to use drag-and-drop anyway, though. I think you'll find it much quicker and more enjoyable to use keyboard entry of notes.

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Ah, that revision number. Forgive me for being dumb -- I always imagined that anything labelled 0.9.4 would be one particular revision after its release and that only the revision number of alpha- and beta- pre-releases was liable to change..

In answer to the question it's revision 1518.

So I installed what was offered as the newest stable version, and it was revision 1518 too.

Yours confused

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@flameproof: You are correct. 0.9.4 stable was released as revision 1518. Subsequent revisions are not labeled 0.9.4 and are prereleases for the next version of MuseScore. I'm not sure why MDMilford was asking about revision numbers. Perhaps he thought it was fixed in 0.9.4 stable.

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