text writing

• Dec 1, 2016 - 18:38

I have been able to enter text previously with no problems. However tonight it is proving impossible to get it to show on the score.The initial marker appears but as I enter beat counting numbers nothing shows. I have used both Ctrl +L, and also Ctrl + K along with arrows to re-position the numbers, and this has been brilliant. But now I can get nothing to show. I did try to alter the size but couldn't, but I'll be happy just to get it to show my writing. Can someone help me please? I've only been using a computer just under a year, having never had anything to do with them before, so it is still really a very steep learning curve for me at present, and I am really on my own here.


In order to do more than guess, we would need you to attach the score you are having problems with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Note that Ctrl+L is specifically for lyrics, not any other kind of text. Ctrl+K is specifically for chord symbols. If you are trying to enter a different type of text, you should use the correct type for what you are trying to enter. Most other text is "staff text" (Ctrl+T), but there is also tempo text, rehearsal marks, repeat text, etc - all of which need to be created with the correct type if it is to look and work properly. but in all of these cases it should at least show *something*& as you type, it's hard to guess what you might be going on that causes this to not be the case. Which is why we would need you to attach the score and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem (eg, "click on the first note of the third measure, press Ctrl+L type the word "strength", nothing shows up as you type).

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