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• Feb 9, 2012 - 17:45

Hi, I'm trying to create a soundfont that I'd like to use in musescore, however I don't understand how musescore chooses which instrument in the soundfont to associate to a certain part. Say I have a a caixa and a surdo (both brasilian percussions) instrument in the soundfont - how do I get a certain part in the score to use these sounds?

full story:
I'm on Archlinux, using musescore 1.1. I've created a simple as dirt soundfont in swami; first thing I've tested the soundfont with qsynth and it works as expected. qsynth lets me associate an instrument from the soundfont to a midi channel - when it recieves midi on that channel it plays that instrument.

In musescore I create a new score with a random instrument (say Violin), then load the soundfont in Display -> Synthesizer. Then I enter some notes in the Violin part, but I get no sound when I hit play (BTW sound works ok with a GM soundfont). The notes entered are in the correct midi range for the soundfont - to check I enabled Jack midi output in musescore and looked at what midi it was sending while playing the violin part.

I tried opening the "Staff Properties..." and changing the long instrument name from "Violin" to "baba" - that's exactly how I called both the "instrument" and the "melodic preset" in swami, but still I get no sound.

any kind of help is much appreciated!!



at a minimum, the sound font you are using must have these sounds in them to be replicated. Simply changing the name will not change the sound.

I suggest doing a sound font search using the names of the instruments you require.


I am beginning to gather a little soundfont expertise.

Is there any way you can let me have a copy of the soundfont in question so I can load it in Viena and see if there's anything obvious?

In the example you give, you should be able to select the instrument in your soundfont in Display -> Mixer.
So from a blank MuseScore :

  1. Create a score with a Flute. By default MuseScore associates the instrument with one (or several) MIDI channel. The mapping is stored in instruments.xml. Don't use a violin, it uses several midi channel for pizz and arco. It's easier with a flute
  2. Load your soundfont in Display -> Synthesizer
  3. Pich your instrument in Display -> Mixer
  4. Play

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nope, doesn't help

this is quite annoying since I've got about 10 instruments now wich show all as Flute... sure, once I've chosen an instrument for them in the Mixer I can use that to distinguish them, but for example in the Parts window it doesn't help

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