Timbres of Heaven 3.3 Beta v9

• Dec 7, 2016 - 03:28

Hi all,
Just a heads up. Don Allen's masterwork Timbres of Heaven 3.3 is now in beta 9.

From Don himself on the midkar yahoo group:

"As I mentioned, I removed all offending panning effects which were causing panning issues and made some level adjustments.
I had to rework the new GM Nylon Guitar since it had a very bizarre range which Gary Rogers caught. It now has a range of MIDI Note 24-96 which should be more than adequate for guitar notes. I dropped 2 samples in the process, so the overall size of ToH dropped slightly. It outdoes the older Nylon Guitar in every respect in my opinion. As I explained before, the old Nylon Guitar is now chorused and moved to extended Bank 1.
I'm not aware of any pending issues and am ready to finalize 3.3 for good.
Please test with as many songs sequences as possible if you don't mind helping me.
You would simply die if you knew how many man hours this work represents. Still, I gladly give it away for all to enjoy."

Of course it is available on the midkar soundfont page:



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