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• Dec 8, 2016 - 10:19

I'm aware there are more selection possibilities (right mouse click and option "Select"). But I'd like to have usual functionality to select range of lyrics words like other elements: mouse click on first word to select it and then press Shift and click on last word to select a range of words. At the moment one cannot make such a lyrics range selection.


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I have lyrics with more verses and want to deal with only one particular verse so the procedure is similar:

1. Select the wanted measures
2. Right click on wanted lyrics verse
3. Choose menu option Select->More...
4. Check: "Same verse" and "In selection"

BTW, this option "In selection" could be preselected here by default since I previously had made a selection.

To be clear: the Select menu does allow you to make the selection, but its definitely more steps than the click / shift+click method. This has been suggested before, and I like the idea. It could only reasonably work if both elements are the same type. Questionable whether it makes if they aren't on the same staff, or the same voice. But it would be nice if it worked as expected for the simple cases. Also chord symbols, articulations, etc.

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After this reply and playing little bit more with Select menu now I see how powerful it can be: one can select any element type; notes, lyrics, chords, articulations, slurs, ... and filter them by selection, verse, system, ... really powerful and cool. The crucial point after selecting a range is to right click on the wanted MuseScore element type and then choose Select option (because context matters here).

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I have a BarberShop 4 voice score with 4 different lyric sets. When I select a range of measures and try to use the lyrics only option in the select filter, it deletes my measure selection. This is musescore 3 (windows 10) and the selection filter does not allow me to select lyrics only. I wonder if you have tried this?

Select bars you want to select lyric line, then right click on lyrics, go to select, more. and Select Dialogue box will come. Click on 'In selection' and Ok. That's it.

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