Playback problem with voltas.

• Dec 15, 2016 - 17:09

Hello Again,

In the attached file, the tune on top, Boston Boy, is not playing back properly. It plays both endings in the A part on the repeat when it should skip Ending 1 and go straight to Ending 2. How can I fix this?
BTW, my Harmonica book is finished and with the publisher. NowI have to create WAV audio files of the music with MuseScore.


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It seems you attached your first volta to the measure that is supposed to be the second ending, then manually adjusted it to *appear* over the correct measure. Don't do that - it's important to attach elements to the correct locations, not merely drag them to appear that way.

Delete the first ending and re-add it to fix.

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Hi all. @glennw1, some changes: I added a horizontal frame (on which I entered the Section break). An attempt to not have delays in the A song.
Unfortunately it does not allow a delay to the start of the B song.
I haven't better ideas, see if that is acceptable.

(In score Bis: eliminated and reinserted Voltas as Marc already said)

Excuse me, it does not work: it would compromise the B

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No problem with the Soundfont.

This is something to do with the Fluid synth itself, or MuseScore's implementation of it.

There is definitely distortion there. I can hear it on some notes.

Correction - there are artifacts in the SF3 version. If you download and install the SF2 version of FluidR3Mono the problem disappears.

I currently have this problem with the trumpet, which is why a new SF3 version hasn't yet been uploaded, as I need to try recompiling the SF3 compressor.

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Thanks, but link to the SF2 version is dead, so can you or someone else just attach the file here in a reply or tell me where it is currently posted?
I found another harmonica sound font, so I can export clean WAVs, but it sounds more like a pipe organ than a mouth organ. I'd like to find a better one.
How do I enable export to MP3 on MS2?


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You are scrolling right to the bottom of the thread to get my Google Drive link?

The FluidR3Mono harmonica is pretty good, so it would be worth downloading it.

Just in case you didn't find it again here is the link to my post about the latest version.....

and in case that doesn't work, a direct link to the SF2 version zip archive on Google Drive......…

For MP3 Export you may need to install the Lame MP3 codec, although I thought it was now part of the MuseScore 2.0.3 download.

You can find instructions on what to do here in the online handbook, including a link to the Lame MP3 codec.....

If you get stuck, come back here, or start a new thread.


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