Multiple scores in seprate windows

• Apr 8, 2009 - 01:36

It would be nice to have an option to see more than one score windows at a time - like opening it in a separate window instead of clicking on tabs. Or even open the same score twice (one window just for seeing it and the other for editing) - this could be very useful for editing larger scores when looking at more distant parts of the score is needed. Or sometimes you may just need to look to some other scores when completing a piece of music.
Or is that already possible and I just do not see it? :)


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Yea, that is true - I did not realize that since I just started to use the first alpha version of the Mac build and it is not possible there. I just tried it in Linux and it works quite nicely. So perhaps it is not necessary to add such a feature if it is possible to open more Musescore sessions (also on Mac I hope when it comes to a real release). However it would still be nice for Musescore to allow multiple score windows that can be arranged also in a different way than just tabs (or how should I call the present state...) I also guess it should not be hard to add such a feature...

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Perhaps this belongs somewhere else but I am sure nobody will mind a few off-topic words... :)
As said, Mac version is the first published alpha version so only basic features are available - like opening, editing and saving scores (which is btw. already enough to be quite useful...) Sound is not playing yet and some fonts and menus are not working properly but for the first pre-release it is doing its job (or at least a part of it) quite smoothly :)
I hope I can find some time to play with that a little more and perhaps also help to catch some bugs... I am really looking forward to a better working Mac release.

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