[Ctrl]0 should restore to 100% zoom AND centre the score in the current window

• Dec 19, 2016 - 00:24

I find that I need to zoom in occasionally to adjust slurs and other objects. [Ctrl]0 takes me back to the normal "magnification" but it would be great if it also centred the score in the current window.


I vote for your suggestiona and add another.
I can suggest a CTRL 1,2,3... for additional user zoom %.
Could be more and more useful also a quick zoom by selecting a measure and then a keycommand for zoom that selection in the centre of monitor; and another keycommand for return to the previous zoom state.
Also, the traditional "key"+ drag selection for zoom that selection would be welcom.

What about user-selectable zoom-in and zoom-out values (set in Edit -> Preferences ->Canvas, maybe) and having [Ctrl]-0 toggle between them? 99% of the time I edit a score @ 100 and zoom in to about 400 to make a fine adjustment then zoom back out to 100. if [Ctrl]-0 zoomed in centred on the current-selected object and zoomed back out and centred the score horizontally then I'd be delighted. Other zoom factors could be selected in the usual way since we already have [Ctrl]+ and [Ctrl]- to zoom in and out respectively..

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