Layout problem: One note doesn't fit

• Feb 26, 2012 - 20:33


I have a score I would like to bring to 2 pages. And, well, there's a whole note left on page three, and that's it :-)

So I tried to apply "Add less stretch" to measures 25-27, but with no luck. Since I don't want to change anything else in the layout (since the themes pair up beautifully this way), I don't know what to try (might also have to do with me being relatively new to Musescore).

I also do not really understand that "Add less stretch" option. In particular, I would have assumed that measure 25 is smaller than 26 (less 64ths), but the opposite is the case.

Can maybe somebody shed some light on this, and give me a hint? File attached...

I should mention that I had problems with this very file before (see thread "Can't delete clef and key signature after adding less stretch"), so this might be related, but the file looks good as far as I can see.


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