beam angles too steep

• Dec 23, 2016 - 22:32

I am working on an edition for Bärenreiter, correcting typography is for 60% correcting too steep beams, specially with too notes and sometimes three. The lines show through and that is not allowed for my Editor.
Why are the angles so steep. Tonight playing from Peeters organ part b-minor mass: much less angles, less problems. New Dorico has settings for maximum angles per 2, 3, 4 notes. This is what MuseScore also needs! All angles are too steep, this is not only a question of tast because avoiding lines to show through is requiered.


In order to do more than guess we'd need you to attach the specific score you are having problems with. The beam code is some of the most complex in MuseScore with tons of mathematical rules and special cases on top of them. Every so often something comes up where we manage to figure out a way of improving something without breaking other things, but it's quite tricky. If there is a particular case we can identify and a particular rule you think should be followed in that case, that would be helpful.

See also, also other threads if you do a search.

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Yes I know there were posts before because that was also me but nothing happened. The program is defended. Although i find the program very well designed and easy to use he beaming is a major problem for me (as are the ties but that is a different post).
Here one example of hundres in my 140 pages of Gustav Leonhardt Bach transcriptions for Bärenreiter. Again: I don't need help correcting it because that is perfectly handled in MS but the fact these beamings are always at a too steep angle!
before correction
beam angle before correction.png
beam angle after correcion.png

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Thanks for the examples. What we still lack are the specific rules you think we should be following for any of these cases. As I have explained, the rules we currently follow are extremely complex, there is no one magic "make things shallower" fix. We need something specific to investigate - like "two eighths a third apart, the beam currently extends 1.5 spaces, according to such-and-such authority on the subject, it should only be 1.25 spaces in that specific case" - that sort of thing. Again, it's not that anyone is unwilling to make improvements, it's just that saying "things are too steep in general" doesn't help.

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These are the default settings in my (test version) of Dorico.
Although the program (Dor) needs a lot of further development I think these things are very well thought out.
Normal spacing:
Dorico normal spacing.png
Narrow spacing:
Dorico narrow spacing.png

But really: in general less beam angle I think.

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