Copying and pasting italicized or emboldened text

• Dec 25, 2016 - 01:43

When copying a body of text, not the actual staff text itself but a selection of text within a staff text or any type of text, pasting this text into another staff text doesn't keep the same formatting. For instance, if you have a body of text and you make one word italic, another bold and another regular, then highlight and copy only these words and paste them into another text label, the results are conformed to the staff text style: regular text. It seems the text style is applied to the copied selection without taking into consideration the font and attributes such as bold and italic. The question is whether this is desirable or not? On the one hand it makes for quick formatting from one set of text into a desired text style, but on the other if you want to maintain a set of italics or boldness from within a set of text, it isn't copied over. This is a trifling matter, but I wonder if this was a conscious decision implemented in the coding or just the result of the technical aspect of the coding choices?

P.S. even if you paste in the same staff text it removes the formatting: i.e., if you make some text italic in a staff text and then cut and paste it within that same staff text, the italics are removed.

P.P.S. Merry Christmas.


Apparently no one has fixed this now in version 3.5. For example, copying and pasting a particular symbol that has been superscripted, resized, and underlined will not retain any of that formatting.

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