measure too "stretched"

• Mar 2, 2012 - 14:06

I am a first time user and all has been going well so far. I printed out the handbook and have been answering most of my questions.

However, I stumped. I have a 4 part choral song with piano accomp. The song has 36 measures. However, 1 of the measures is twice as long as all the others. There are the same amount of notes and words. It's just really stretched out.

I'm sure there is a simple fix. But, right now, I can't find it!!

Thanks so much for any input!



As always, posting the score would help. If it's the last measure on a line by itself, you can add a horizontal spacer after it so it isn't stretch to fill the entire page.

I guess you could right-click on the measure to get its measure properties. See if the stretch property is set to something weird (i.e., something significantly different from 1.0) That might be the problem.

- Jeff

as there is not really enough info, but if it is the last bar of the piece it may have to do with Style >general style > Page > system fill threshhold.

I have had a pickup measure at the beginning suddenly become larger and I could not shrink it. I finally inserted a new measure after it. Moved the notes into the new measure and then deleted the original measure with the pickup notes. Very odd, but easily overcome.

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