NPNO files/ Fortepiano sf2 files

• Dec 31, 2016 - 17:23

Below is a sampled fortepiano after Anton Walter, from whom Mozart bought his instrument in the 1780s.…

The site also contains a Broadwood, which would be extremely useful for Beethoven and Schubert's works.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't think an NPNO to Sf2 conversion is even possible. Is this true? Or is there, somehow, a solution to this problem?

And while we're on this note, is there a legitimate fortepiano soundfont, preferably a free one? I'm not talking about a modified Honkey-tonk either, I mean a soundfont made after a Walter or Broadwood. Maybe even a Graf or Cristofori?


There is no way to convert from that file type to the .sf2 format, as it appears that the .npno file is meant to be utilized by a digital keyboard. You could try to download it and see if it contains usable individual samples, which could be used to make a .sf2 file. but it does not appear that it does by looking at the website

There is no .sf2 file that I'm aware of that fits your description but the Salamander Grand .sfz file is a sampled Steinway Grand. There's also Ivy Audio's Piano in 162, which is a more thoroughly sampled piano (also Steinway I believe), but it needs quite a bit of modification to run in MuseScore.

Same to me here. I really want to know how to convert the NSMP Files Harp Long Arpeggio, Harp Short Arpeggio, and Harp solo to and sf2 format too.………

And also for the YesArpViolins too. I DON'T even know what Arp stands for anyway.…

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