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• Mar 6, 2012 - 16:14

I have been using this great programme since last June with no problems, Now however having changed printer I am having problems. The version I am using is Musescore 1, my Computer is a Mac g4. The problem is that the view box at the bottom of the screen has changed to landscape and when I print the typeface is much larger than normal, there is a large margin on the left hand side and the right hand side is missing. In the print dialoge box I am not given an option to reorient the document although it is showing portrait. I have tried all the options in edit and layout etc but nothing there helps. When I print any other document from the printer I can view different options and it prints ok, so the printer is not faulty in that respect. The printer is a Pixma MP499.
I have read the forums and others do appear to be having similar if not the same problems using Macs. I have tried to save as pdf file but that doesn't work. I am not really computer literate and do not fully understand some of the other options.
I wondered wether to uninstall but am not sure how to go about it.
Can somebody give me a clue?


Why don’t you just save (Export) your MuseScore File as PDF.

This is how:
In the Menubar of MuseScore go to:

MuseScore->File->Save as…-> Format: PDF-File

That File you will be able to easily open and print with the Preview application.

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Hi kb
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have just tried your very sensible suggestion but the pdf file which it creates is blank. I think I must be being very thick. I tried selecting it all but the result was the same. In the save option there is an asterick beside the pdf option I don't know whether this is relevant. This problem is the same on files which I have previously created and printed succesfully, but not with the new printer.

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If you browse/search the forum for other threads involving Mac and printing, you;ll see that other have had difficulties too. Apparently some versions of MacOS are slightly incompatible with some versions of the Qt framework that MuseScore is built on, and this can lead to printing issues for some people. I believe the workaround others have found effective was to change the paper size slightly, or maybe even to set it to the exact same size but as a custom size rather than the preset. At least, I think that helped with PDF generation for some. Again, other threads contain more info. It's not just you.

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You could also try to „Save as Postscript“ after you hit the PDF button in the print dialogue.
Then open the resulting Postscript File by double clicking it. It will generate a Preview file in the aproppriate application, which you should be able to print.
The good thing abouit the way via th ePreview application is: you can adjust the size of the PDF so it will fit exactely to your paper.

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Thank you so much for your replies. I have read the forums and have found that if I save a copy to desktop as a png file then print that works. The file looks greyed out but does print ok. Rather smaller than I would like but I hope I can sort that out.
Well ok for now anyway.
Thanks a lot

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I am running MuseScore 1.2 (Mac OS X 10.6.8). Save As -> PDF still produces a small .04"x.04" white square for each page when viewed in Acrobat. But a pretty large file. Save As -> PostScript file still distills to a blank page or opened by Preview.

Print -> PDF -> Save as PDF still seems to work best for me.

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