Album -- Unwanted Staff carry over

• Jan 1, 2017 - 15:11

When creating an album, sometimes (and I can't figure out why) the staff will sometimes carry over to the next song.

I have page and line breaks in all the pieces, in the correct spots.

Song A ends in Treble Clef 8 (octave higher)
Song B begins in Treble Clef

When Making an album Song B will be written in Treble Clef 8. (the ending clef of the Song A)

It is not that big of a deal to fix....
But it is definitely a bug.


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Ok let me just play around with it for one second.

Very strange. If I just do two songs it creates the album correctly.

But when I do all 13 that is when it makes the mistake.

I am trying to upload the minimum amount here....

Anyway, happy New Year. MuseScore is amazing. I just discovered this album feature... Great idea. (As is the coloring of notes when out of range for an instrument....)

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Its right at the end. Composition 12 and 13.
12 is Purple Giraffe and ends in a Treble Clef with an 8.
13 is Video Game Rhap and it begins with Treble Clef 8 (however that is NOT the staff I used...)
I used a regular Treble Clef.

I cant figure out what is causing it....

And if I create an album of just two songs Purple Giraffe and Video Game Rhap the album is correct.

If you need the other 10 individual pieces apart from the album let me know.

Anyway, MUSESCORE is honestly awesome. I am so happy with this program, I cant tell you... Thank YOU so much.

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