How to create two time signatures in one bar...?

• Jan 4, 2017 - 09:37

I'm editing some Renaissance music, and need to have two time signatures within the one bar.

That is, the manuscript has ₵ as the time signature, and I wish note this, and add 4/2 in brackets after it, to indicate the correct type of cut time. The online manual doesn't show how to do this, and I haven't, so far, worked out how it may be managed. Help greatly appreciated!


See the attachment
1) Increase Style > General > Measure > Time signature left margin (I chose 4,0 sp)
2) Open "Symbols" in Master Palette (shortcut "Z")
3) Choose font "Emmentaler" (bottom right)
4) Draw ₵ in front of the time signature. You can find the symbol by searching "Tempus imperfectum"
5) Draw the parentheses' into the score. You can find the symbol by searching "parenthesis for wohle time signature"


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Thank you for the information, this helped me too.

However, the way I understand all this is that the "real" time signature (I guess by "real" time signature I mean the one Musescore uses for note input) has to be on the right, since I don't see any place in Style > General > Measure > for a right margin option, thus putting the secondary time signature on the left. (Sorry about the terminology, I'm not sure I have the right words.) But if I put the the parentheses around the left time signature, that looks silly.

I'm using 9/8 for the "real" time signature and 3/4 for the secondary time signature.

Can you help me?

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I want 9/8 on the left and 3/4 on the right.
I want 3/4 in parentheses.
I want 9/8 as the time signature Musescore uses for the beats.
Unfortunately I've already entered the music in 9/8 time. Musescore won't copy and paste into a 3/4 tme, so I'll have to re-enter the whole section which I don't want to do.
Also this adjustment you suggest affects all time signature changes, which isn't all that great.
Thank you again for your attention.

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