Crescendo and diminuendo within notes?

• Jan 8, 2017 - 21:14

I know someone just posted about this, but the lack of this feature is something I have to emphasize on. I need this feature for an orchestral work I am writing, where there's a diminuendo from ff to mp over three bars of music. Unfortunately, playback stays at ff for the length of this diminuendo until a new note plays, which is where the mp comes in. Tremolos also do not support cresc and dim, but I feel like they should since it's basically just a bunch of notes represented in the form of a single note.

Please implement this in 2.0.4 or 3.0 -- I need this feature as soon as possible since I upload WAV files of my music onto my website until I can get the music played, and I don't want the recordings on my website to be inaccurate.



The feature itself isn't in yet, there is work done (awaiting merging into 3.0) to enable this.
2.0.4 isn't coming; 2.1 is and won't include this feature AFAIK.

If playback is so important to you, consider adding hidden staves for playback only in the meantime. Write out long notes as smaller notes and write out tremolos to get the desired results.

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