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• Mar 21, 2012 - 20:03

Not sure I'm posting this in the right forum, so apologies as appropriate. This is really a question about the Nightly Builds.

Trolling the forums I picked up that Chord Diagrams are to be incorporated in a future release. (Yay!) I downloaded the latest Nightly to a sandboxed machine to check it out. Fabulous! You guys rock!

My question is: Comparing version 1.2 to the latest Nightly build I noticed that the nightly build seemed to be an incomplete version of the program and not suitable for scoring in it's present state. I'd really like to incorporate chord diagrams into a chart I am currently working on (in version 1.2). Is this possible using the nightly builds, or are they a test bed for developing ancillary features where the program itself won't have full functionality? I guess that's it, but wanted to ask, jic.


Using the Nightly builds for serious work is fraught with danger, in that they are inherently unstable.

They are full versions of the program, but you may find that parts of the UI suddenly shift from a familiar place to a new one - a good example of this is "Set Invisible" which has moved from the right click menu to the Inspector pane.

Having said that I am currently using version R5395 to produce Notation/Tab worksheets for my guitar students.

I am stuck with that version because trying to edit a general style currently results in a crash - a bug which seems to have appeared in R5402 and hasn't yet been fixed.

So by all means use the Nightlies if you need to, but make sure you have backups of everything and keep the Nightly version you create the project on - it may not load into a later version without a crash!


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Thanks, Michael! Yes, that helps a lot.

You're a real hero around here. I see your well composed and thoughtful messages everywhere. Please accept my gratitude for your efforts!

I looked for R5395 on the Windows Nightlies page. Not there. I even tried modifying the URL for one of the current builds to incorporate that build number but no joy there either. Where should I be looking to find this nightly version?

Many thanks,

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It's nearly a month old so it's been superceded in the main svn repository.

I believe there is an archive somewhere, but I'm not sure where.

If the worst comes to the worst I could email the archive to you, but it is a 25 Mb download and may not pass through the email system.

But there's always YouSendIt

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I poked around in the sourceforge SVN repository and found references to R5395, but not the actual Nightly.

If you would be so kind and if it wouldn't be too much bother, I'd be really grateful to have the file. YouSendIt sounds like the way to go. If we email it, it'll be bigger than 25Mb.

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