Entering notes via MIDI keyboard, separate tracks for the two hands

• Mar 21, 2012 - 23:21

Hi everyone,

I wanted to enter some notes using my keyboard, however, even though I created my new score using a 2-piano template, such that the hands are each separated into their own respective staves (tracks), all the notes that I enter appear in the RH stave. Of course, MS cannot know which hand I've used to play each note, however my question is: is there a way to define a "border" note, e.g. C4, and all notes above it go to RH and all notes below it go to LH? Or perhaps some other way in which I can get the notes in the appropriate stave?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


What I do is to enter note entry on the right hand staff, enter my notes, then go to the left hand staff to enter the left hand notes. Is that what you need, or am I misunderstanding?

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Thanks for your reply! - yes, this is what I was referring to, I was just hoping that there was a way to enter both hands at the same time, with notes being written in the correct stave (G clef or F clef). I think that the problem with entering the two hands separately, as you suggest, aside from the inconvenience, is also that the two scores are not likely to really be in sync..

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What do you mean about being in sync? MuseScore doesn't support real time MIDI input, so there is nothing to synchronize. But if you want real time input, better would be to use a sequencer program to the the input, be sure the tracks are separated as you wish, then import the resulting MIDI file.

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I mean that if I first play the RH part and then the LH part, then it might be that, at any given time point, the two hands might be a bit "dephased", if for example I've been playing the RH a bit faster. So are you saying MS would not be good for that, and that I would need a sequencer to work around this problem?

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When you do Midi input in MuseScore, you have to tell MuseScore the length of each note (using the computer keyboard for example) - it does not pick up the rhythm from your Midi keyboard and attempt to turn that into crotchets (quarter notes) and quavers (eighth notes) etc.

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What you are describing is "real time input" - you play normally, MuseScore figures out your rhythms for you. As Jon says, that's just not what MuseScore does - not at all. You have to play notes one at time, telling MuseScore how long each note should be by using the icons or numeric keys. If you want to just play and have the program record your rhythms for you, that is indeed what a sequencer would be better for. Then you can try to have MuseScore turn that into readable notation. But it works somewhat less well than, for example, trying to speak into Microsoft Word and having the program turn your spoken words into readable text. It will get some obvious stuff right, but will require a *lot* of cleanup, to the point where it usually easier to just enter notes or words in the more traditional way rather than relying on AI algorithms to figur out what you are playing / saying.

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