Articulations and other elements created in 1.2 not displaying correctly in 2.0

• Apr 1, 2012 - 14:36
S4 - Minor

Load attached file created in MuseScore 1.2 into 2.0

1. Articulations are not displayed correctly, either misplaced, or the wrong type
2. Phrase marks are all over the place
3. Cross Staff beams have remained on the other stave causing riduculously long stems
4. Some Stave Text and dynamics are misplaced.

Incidentally, this score is still within copyright to OUP, so please do not distribute it outside the development/testing team.

Windows XP Pro SP3/ MuseScore 2.0 r-5498

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GordonSlater-An Easter Alleluya.mscz 10.55 KB


I can verify that dynamics that have been manually moved (dragged to a different position) get all strewn around the score,
when made in the present stable version, and imported into the latest nightly build (revision: 5564).
Still happen when the style from stable is saved and loaded into the nightly.
Sincerely, Ken Titzel (musescore817 - on free node)