MS 1.2 and and sustained note(s) after playback stopped

• Apr 3, 2012 - 20:20

I have previously reported this for versions 1.0 and 1.1. I am now reporting it in 1.2 only because of a single item on the Musescore 2.0 roadmap:

"No panic button, bug is fixed"

The bug in question is that during playback, if you stop the playback (in my case, with the spacebar), on occasion a note may continue to play. To stop that, you can reload your sound font or replay the music from before the music was stopped. I had that occur to me a couple of times with a newly entered score in version 1.2, within the space of a couple of minutes. It has not recurred since.

This report has been discussed at plenty of length elsewhere and a suggestion was made that a future MS version should include a panic button to reset the MIDI controller, or something like that.

I realize the "panic" note in the roadmap may refer to a different problem entirely, and it may refer to code that is in the MS 2.0 branch but not the MS 1.2 branch. But I thought, just to be sure all was clear on this topic, I should report it again.

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create a score. In my case, with several staves.
2. Press spacebar to start playback
3. In the middle of playback the spacebar again to stop playback

Expected behavior: Sound should stop

Actual behavior: Most recent note(s) played continue playing indefinitely. Hard to reproduce reliably, but over the course of working on several short scores it seems to occur once every 1-3 working sessions.

My system: Windows 7 SP1.


It does happen sometimes in 1.2 and I did see that on the roadmap and wondered, but I don't recall it happening in 2.0, so it's probably not a problem :).

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