Changing notes from Bass Clef to Treble Clef (for easier reading)

• Apr 7, 2012 - 09:25

Hi Fellow Musescore Users

Please see image below of excerpt I am referring to.
I transposed Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata #14 (1st Movement) from C# minor to A minor for easier reading (and chord analysis)
There are now some sections for the right hand (see except) which are written in the bass left, but which would be easier to read if in the treble clef. I am wanting to automatically select these particular notes and "convert" them into the treble clef rather than replacing them or moving them manually and individually into the treble clef.

Hoping someone can help me.
Thanks Alison

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Drag and drop the Treble clef from the Clef palette at the beginning of the section, or on the bass clef at the beginning. And drag and drop a Bass clef at the end of the session. See Clef

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I think your suggestion just converts all the notes in the bass clef to treble clef in the bottom stave. I would prefer to convert the right hand notes into the top treble clef and leave the left hand notes in the bottom bass clef. I would like to select the bass clef notes (for the right hand) and just convert those to the upper treble clef. Does this make sense? Thanks again!! : )

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Yes, it's cross staff that you need.

Unfortunately MuesScore currently only allows you to move one note at a time - which is a major gripe for anyone engaged in writing or transcribing keyboard music in MuseScore - maybe I should open a feature?

To shift a note from the bottom staff into the top, select it and then press CTRL+SHIFT+up arrow key.

The note will transfer into the top stave.


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Thank you, thank you! Cross staff !!!!!!!!! That is exactly what I meant! I don't mind converting the notes individually: I just didn't want to delete each one and replace it in the upper clef!! Thank you again. I am very new to MS but loving it ! How long have you been using it and what are you working on at the moment.

Cheers Alison (RIggs) Melbourne Australia : )

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I migrated to it from Finale instead of upgrading to Finale 2011 in May last year.

Although some of the bugs niggle me I have been an ardent fan ever since.

Just finished transcribing Cesar Franck's original orchestration of Panis Angelicus (from his Messe Solenelle) which I am hoping to get performed as he intended on the feast of Corpus Christi this year - anyone know a UK harpist living in or near North Notts? Watch out for it in the "Made with MuseScore" forum

Am also at work transcribing works for Organ with a view to never having to turn a page again :)

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Actually, I'm not sure you really need cross staff beaming here - that's more about cases where you have some notes in the top staff and other on the bottom within the same beam group. I'm guessing you actually want all those triplets moved to the top staff. Which really means, just re-entering them in the top staff. Right now, you are presumably using two voices in the bottom staff and one on the top; you'd need to reverse that. It is possible to accomplish this via copy paste, but it's a bit awkward and worthwhile only if you've got a lot of notes to do - probably not for a single measure.

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In actual fact, where you have the scenario that one voice is continually shifting between upper and lower staves, it is better to use cross staff rather than keep shifting the part between differnet voices on top and bottom staves.

This is partly because the normal voice you would use on the top stave would be voice 2 and on the bottom voice 1, consequently you start running into issues with ties etc. It is far easier, to keep the whole thing on one stave initially, and then use cross staff to transfer notes into the appropriate clef.

It also makes more sense as the part stays intact, particularly if the piece is of a contrapuntal nature.

I have used this technique quite a bit in the attached score - I have yet to add the fugue :(

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Wow, very clever! I had no idea cross staff beaming was so versatile. It now occurs to me I could have used that myself in a three part invention I wrote. Thanks - it's always great to keep learning new tricks. It's really nothing short of amazing how much you can do with a program that is a fraction of the complexity of Finale.

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