Merging MuseScore files

• Apr 21, 2012 - 20:25

Is there a way to merge separate MuseScore pieces into one? I have several short keyboard pieces, done separately in MuseScore, which I would like to merge into one publication (one file).


Nothing except copy paste so far. Musescore 2.0 will have an album feature and a section break to put several pieces one after the other.

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lasconic says "Nothing except copy paste so far."

1) Newbie Alert!

2) Now that you've been warned... if I open a file, select a set of notes (e.g. select a note, right-click, choose "Select -> All similar elements in same staff), I don't seem to be able to paste in a different file.

3) We just learned about the existence of MuseScore. One person was using it for creating her practice music. She has a number of existing files for Bass. I've created Baritone. We'd love to get the two together in one file! Kind-of the opposite of the "Ensemble -> parts" process!

Many, many thanks for any help you can provide!

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» Given: I've been programming computers since 1973.

» Given: I am a keyboard-shortcut fanatic (Hint: I love Blender 3D)

» Given: Before asking the question, I read the documentation and I swear on my mother's honor - I tried that and it didn't work!

And after reading your answer, I decided to record the screen to prove it wasn't working ... and it worked. And without recording the screen, it still works.

Thank you both (lasconic and Marc Sabatella) for your quick replies! At this point, I must add:

» Given: The Dark Side of the Force, along with Elvis, has left the building!

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Copy/paste generally works with regions, not individual items. So that's probably why selecting similar items didn't work. Also after you select, you still need to copy (Ctrl-C) before you can paste! But pasting between scores does work.

I have myself been looking for appending scores, and when I read Mr. Sabatella's reply, it automatically rang a bell ! I am a happy user of the Audiveris freeware. What is it about? A sort of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) but for music scores (Music Character Recognition) - BTW you obviously can use any other MCR. If your score is printed out, you only need to scan it, and send to Audiveris. If it is already an image file, you send it to Audiveris. Fortunalety, this soft. features a MuseScore plugin, which means that it sends an editable score directly to MuseScore. Before invoking the plugin, you might have to "fine tune" some graphic stuff.

Then, the full process would be to:
1) use the PDF feature to merge
2) convert PDF to image ? (PNG, etc.) - please double check if this step is needed/possible
3) use Audiveris to convert from graphic to MSCZ data
4) enjoy (hopefully)

All this is a theoretical answer, I did not have time to give it a try, I actually just (a few seconds ago !) read Mr. Sabatella's reply.

To anyone who is faster and better skilled than I at those kind of handlings, please tell us whether this post is a random answer ...

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