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• May 3, 2009 - 15:41

Why only the top one staff was played in piano when there are five staffs? Why the five staffs cannot be played together?


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When I tried to load the uncompressed MagicSF to MuseScore, I got the following errors : Loading Sound Font:":\Documents d Settings\Mak Laptop\My Documernts\MagicSFver2\Soundset-Backup\upload\MagiSFver2.SF2" failed. Sequence will be disabled. After clicking OK , I got another error message: error reading file "Documents and Settings\Mak Laptop\My Documernts\MagicSFver2\Soundset-Backup\upload\MagiSFver2.SF2" at line 1 column 1: error occurred while parsing element. How should I correct my error?

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I did as instructed. The score plays excellent but the "error reading file C:\Documents and Settings\Mak Laptop\My Documents\MagicSFver2\Soundset-Backup\upload\MagicSFver2.SF2 at line 1 column 1: error occurred while parsing element" still exist. Much appreciation of your MuseScore and help.. Thanks

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Probably something isn't set up right in the preferences. Double check your settings in the preferences. If you get stuck, feel free to post screenshots of you settings in the "I/O" and "General" tabs of the preference dialog.

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In the General tab it looks like you add the SoundFont as the "Instrument list". This is incorrect. You should replace this with the default setting which is :data/instruments.xml

To play one staff of a multi-staff score use Display > Mixer.

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Thanks for solving all my problems. Much appreciation. I have a multi-staffs score, I try to repeat a section of the score by dragging the symbol sign 'D.S' to anchor in a highlighted measure section of the score and anchor the "segno" symbol for all the measures in a previous section of the score. I also try by anchoring the 'to coda' symbol on a measure and the 'cross-hair circle ' symbol on another measure. The repeats actions didn't work. What i did wrong?

1) How does one increase the separation between adjacent staff? Case: when I try to enter a note more than three ledger lines above the normal five line Treble Cleff for piano , then the entry will interfere the ledger lines of the Bass Clef for voice just above the Treble Cleff. 2) How does one increase the length of a measure ? Case: the notes are so close togther that if a symbol is inserted between the two adjacent notes, the two adjacent notes and the inserted symbol just overlappped. 3) How can one enter two notes of different duration at the same location?

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This is addressed in the handbook: For #1, you need the "Break or spacer" section, #2, the Edit menu has an option to add more or less stretch to a selected measure or group of measures. For #3, you need voices. There's a lot of good information in the handbook. I think you'll find that Musescore is a pretty powerful program if you take a moment to learn about it.

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Appreciate your quick response. 1) I drag the Staff Spacer symbol I to a measure of the piano Treble cleff staff which is below the bass cleff staff for choral. When I try to enter a note in the trebel cleff staff more than three ledger lines above the piano staffs , the note sounds like a note from the bass cleff fpr choral. The same happens when I drag the staff spacer symbol I to the measure for bass cleff staff . How can I avoid that? 2) I click the Edit button. The drop down manual shows no infomation on stretching a measure. 3) Can I use Voice to enter notes of different durations in the same location in a piano treble cleff staff?

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