Behavior of slurs at line breaks

• Jan 29, 2017 - 07:09

Dear Forum,
I’m using MuseScore 2.0.3 on Windows 7.
When a slur is broken by a line break both ends of each part of the slur have the same vertical height, which only depends on the pitch of the first respectively last note.
Therefore I often have to adjust the slurs. And when the layout changes I have to readjust or reset them.
So I would like to ask the developers if it would be possible once to use both vertical positions of each part of the broken slur to draw the slur.
I think that would make MuseScore much more comfortable.


I suspect this will be greatly improved in 3.0 when it gets released, but 2.1 will be released much sooner. MS is rigid about anchoring slurs to a specified point on the note and drawing a slur from its algorithm no matter what is in between. Have you tried to slur a B4, B5, B4? I've always considered these situations ones that I just have to work with.

As far as the layout changing a you needing to readjust them goes, I would not worry about such aesthetics until the score is complete and the layout is stable. That goes for slurs, multi-measure (de)crescendos and all the other various hairpins that cross multiple measures. Then you can fix them in the main score and parts as needed.

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