Importing invisible tempos and dynamics

• May 27, 2012 - 10:51

The problem that, when I import MIDIs, I do not see tempo markings in the score at all. It is not a problem if the piece has a constant tempo (since it is displayed in the play panel), but for files with variable tempos, it is a big problem since the tempo displayed in the play panel is constant and the first tempo in the score (if the tempo changes during play, the number does not change). Is it reasonable to show ALL metronome marks in the score and variable tempo in the play panel?
The above things apply for dynamics (MIDI velocity), except that they are not shown in the play panel.


That's kind of the basic problem with trying to use MIDI as a notation format - it isn't a notation format, and thus there are many things it just cannot do. Display dynamic markings on every single note just because it's velocity happens to be slightly different from the preceding note would be a huge mistake - any MIDI files generated from actual human performances would become an unreadable mess, with dynamics on every single note. But actual tempo changes embedded within the MIDI - those could indeed be automatically turned into tempo markings within MuseScore, and seems like a nice enhancement.

Still, overall, it seems you're really expecting too much of MIDI. It just is not suited for exchange of notation information.

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