List of Bugs for 3.0

• Feb 2, 2017 - 05:41

Due to recent major changes in the latest 3.0 builds, there have been many major bugs to have come with it. Here are list of bugs. I also have a second list of specific things that need to be updated.


NOTE: Some of these bugs only appear for Jazz related stuff (Template, Font, Music Symbols, etc.), meaning that some of these bugs MAY not appear in certain circumstances.

- Barlines do not behave properly at all. They break when trying to connect/disconnect them with multiple instruments, there are also many other ways in which they are broken that I just can't explain properly. In general, they are just outright broken. Major Bug.
- When creating a new score and going into the Jazz Big Band template, if you try changing most settings, the program crashes. Critical Bug.
- Brackets do not function other than its initial placement. You can't drag it to the other instruments to make a section. Major Bug.
- Unable to change Text Styles of instrument names. Major Bug. -- To my knowledge, the "Text Styles" menu has been completely removed from MuseScore 3.0. From what I understand, this is intentional, but I will talk about this later.
- If you put a 1-bar repeat on a measure, it will expand the measure to its full size if you keep clicking on it. Yeah, it's as odd as it seems. Normal Bug(?). (Side Note: There still isn't a Jazz texture for the 1-bar repeats.)
- Drum notation is visually bugged. Mainly the placement is bugged out, but there is some stem disappearance when a beam is made. Normal Bug.
- Changing text in the Inspector menu is visually bugged. Other than that, it works fine. Normal Bug.

Other things:

- The Text Styles menu has been removed entirely, this was done intentionally. I don't understand why this was done, as I feel it was an essential part of MuseScore. I understand that now there are text options in the Inspector, but that doesn't do everything that the original Text Styles menu did, such as saving any changes to positioning, font, size, or being able to edit ALL texts including Instrument Names, etc. I hope that this much-needed feature will return in the near future. (Side Note: If you right-click on any empty parts of the score, you will still see "Text Styles" in the drop-down of the right-click.)
- If you've installed any fonts on your computer, it will break your exported PDF, but ONLY if it you're using the MuseJazz Musical Symbols Font. I still think this is an issue that needs to be resolved, there should be no reason for this to be happening.

Well, that's everything that I have to offer in this post.


EDIT: The Jazz Big Band Template needs a major overhaul/update. The 1st problem is that it's in Portrait view instead of landscape. The 2nd problem is that the Musical Symbols Font isn't automatically set to Jazz (MuseJazz), the default is Emmentaler which is definitely not the look for Jazz. The 3rd problem is more of a MuseScore issue, but... there is no space to put your score lower on the page. This is a major problem, in fact, if you set the score to landscape, it will appear on the second page. To fix that, the only other option is to lower the scale of the score, which is something that I definitely don't want to do. There is clearly empty space at the bottom of the page, but even when changing that setting in the options, it doesn't work well enough.

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