Playback of selected passages is inconsistent

• Jun 2, 2012 - 18:33

Lately I've been checking individual passages as I work by playing them back. I always highlight the first note of the passage before pressing the spacebar (without the Ctrl key), but this often starts playback from the top of the score, anyway. If I then stop the playback, find my way back to the passage and try again, MuseScore will correctly play just the passage I wanted to hear. I can then test the passage over and over until I'm satisfied with it. However, the next passage I try this on returns me to the top again.

If I happen to be checking out a second ending, which is usually only two or three measures long, MuseScore wants me to hear the entire piece, including the first ending, which may take a couple of minutes if I don't cut the process short and go back to where I was. This can get pretty boring (unless the piece is particularly interesting). Fortunately most of my pieces are quite short, as I'm not long-winded -- in my music compositions, anyway. ;)

What might I be doing wrong here?


There are known issues with playback starting in the wrong place immediately after editing notes if you have playback of repeats turned on. Maybe that is what you are seeing? See for example

Also, Musescore doesn't like it if you have mismatched repeats - closing repeats without corresponding open repeats or vice versa. I believe that includes the "assumed" open repeat at the beginning of a piece - you need to make that explicit.

Turning off playback of repeats while working on a piece is usually a good workaround to these sorts of issues.

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Well, before trying your suggestions, I went back and tried to reproduce the problem in the usual way, and couldn't, so now I'm scratching my head. Perhaps some instruction in the software drops out of the memory after heavy use. At any rate, now the playback starts where I want it to in every case, and that's with the repeats still enabled. If the problem recurs, I'll try disabling the repeats.

By the way, yes, I always include both the opening and closing repeat signs. It wouldn't make much sense to omit them and confuse the program, even though a musician can usually figure out where to start the repeat from. I guess it's a lot like leaving an HTML tag unclosed. Some browsers overlook the error, some don't.

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