How to gradually decrease tempo?

• Jun 7, 2012 - 20:38

I was trying to add a ritardando marking to a score this morning, but could only add a specific tempo. Is there a way to make MuseScore actually decrease the tempo gradually during playback?

My starting tempo was 105 BPM. The only solution I came up with was to add tempo markings to three successive notes, each with a slower value. The first one was 85 BPM, with "Slow" as the text label. Then came 75 BPM, "down", and finally 65 BPM, "gradually" -- thus "Slow down gradually". I dragged the three labels closer together to form a sentence. It worked, but is there a better way?


No way to do that currently, but it's a commonly requested feature, and I for one am hopeful that we'll see it soon.

As for better workarounds, I think the basic idea of using successive markings is good, but I wouldn't be dragging them around. For one thing, you don't really want it to say "slow down gradually" rather than "rall." or "rit.", and even if you did, daggng them only works as long as no subsequent are made to the score that affect layout - it's likely that any manual positioning you do will end up not looking right after any significant re-layout. There's definitely a much more straightforward solution: still enterthe real markings as needed, make the first one "rall." or "rit.", and make the others whatever you want but then right click and set them invisible.

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