Playback bug if voltas are used after D.S. Al Coda

• May 8, 2009 - 09:32

Hi all,

I have attached a MuseScore file that reproduces a bug I encountered in the v0.9.5 unstable prerelease (rev.1770).

If you download and open this file and hit playback, you'll find that the D.S. Al Coda is repeated as expected, but both the first volta and the first measure of the second volta are skipped (and the repetition of the final measures is skipped, but that is probably because the end repeat bar is part of the first volta, that is skipped).

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Bug with DS Al Code and volta.mscz 2.05 KB


I've never tried to put repeats in the coda. It's interesting that even without the volta, the repeats are skipped and just played through once. What should happen is that repeats are only played through once and skipped on any material that has already been played through; but on new material, such as the coda, repeats and volta should be played normally.
Getting textual repeats, volta and bar-line repeats, and the myriad combinations of each to work correctly has been--to use a technical term--a real booger bear for quite some time.

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You're right. I guess that's what I get for trying to play music without really understanding all the notation symbols. I just double- and triple-checked the sheet music I was trying to copy into MuseScore and finally saw that I had indeed missed copying that one symbol.

MuseScore is a great program, because it allows even people with little musical background to "play" music from sheet music. But that same advantage has the disadvantage that those same people with little musical background start reporting their own silly mistakes as bugs.

Sorry for wasting your time, and once more thanks for a great program!

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