Guitar Tab questio: Is there a way to display string names at the beginning of each?

• Feb 10, 2017 - 23:57

I'm arranging something for my Dad and I to play. He is used to tableture having the string names at the start of each staff (directly to the left), the way some tableture is written. Is there a way to do that on MuseScore?


You could go into the staff properties and change the long and short names the the string names. You can press enter after each string to make it look like this:


Then make 2 adjustments
1. go into the Style | General menu and uncheck hide instrument names if there is only 1 instrument
2. go into the Style | Text and adjust the fonts for instrument names so they line up.

It will look like this:
guitar strings.mscz

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You can adjust the font sizes as I said and increase the space between bar lines if you need to line them up better. Or better yet, just increase the scaling under the layout | page settings menu. Play around with it until you like what you see. You can always undo it if you make a mistake.

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