Can't change file format

• Jul 11, 2012 - 07:11

Earlier today I tried sending a piece I had written with Musescore version 1.2 to a friend via email on my Windows Vista. They replied and said that they couldn't open the file properly so I tried changing the file by going to File-Save As-Save As Type-PDF-Save. But when I go into my documents and find the name of the piece, it still says .mscz. I've read the 'how to' in the handbook over and over but I still can't change it. Sorry, I'm new to this thing, but how can I actually change the format?


First, you can't "change" the format per se. MSCZ is still the format for the actual score; that's won't just change just because you also save a snapshot of your score as a PDF file. So you don't ever want to not have the MSCZ file. And if you are sneding your score to someone expecting they will be able to open it in mUseScore to play back or edit, you need to send them an MSCZ, and they just meed to be using a recent enough version of MuseScore.

But yes, having a PDF snapshot can also be useful for sharing with people who don't have MuseScore. They won'T be able to play the score back or edit it, but they can view it. Soinds like you did this correctly - Save As, select PDF as file type - but you probably didn't pay attention to what folder it was saving to. It doesn't necessarily default to the same folder as your MSCZ file. i thimk it defaults to the last folder you saved to via Save As. So if ou try to do a save As again, you will probably see the name of the folder it saved to last time.

It is possible that the .mscz extension is part of your filename, so that it might be something like "FileName.mscz.pdf"

Windows doesn't usually show file extensions, so you might not see the .pdf part. Take a look at the icon of the file. If it is a MuseScore icon, then it is a .mscz file. If you see a PDF or even Adobe icon, then it is a PDF file.

Plus, make double-sure of the folder in which you are saving the file, and then search that folder. Sometimes I like saving the file to my Desktop so that I can easily attach it to emails or things. Then I can just move the file when I'm done with it.

Hope that helps!


I remember reading somewhere on this forum that the behaviour you reported is a bug on the Windows implementation of Qt and out of control of the MuseScore development team.

It is most annoying that when you Save as PDF, the suffix being offered is .mscz instead of .pdf

The workaround is to manually type in the suffix of the file, in this case PDF. You wouldnt want to
override your Musescore file with a PDF file.


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