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• Jul 16, 2012 - 23:14

Ok. Something that's always been a bit of an inconvenience is remembering which number goes with which note duration. So I got this idea (probably from a flash game, but I don't really remember.): what if there was a pair of buttons that were right next to each other that let us increment which note was being inputted, say, "[" and "]"? For example, let's say I pressed the number for a quarter note, but I really wanted an eighth note. So I press "[". If I want a half note, but pressed the quarter note button, I'd hit "]".



.... or quarter note. It is certainly the most common beat value. This is the middle of the numeric keypad. I then think left or right for quaver and minim, top left and bottom right for semibreve and semiquaver. i occasionally use demisemiquavers but very rarely the other values. When I use a laptop I imagine the same layout.

I came from software that uses the first letter or significant denominator for the abbreviation. e.g. W for whole note, h for half note, 4 for quarter note etc. but soon got up to speed with MuseScore's method.

Believw it or not, there are actually keys that do something very much like that - I think they default to Q and W but like mist can be customized. I think they are intended to alter a note *after* it has aleady been entered.

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I didn't know about the Q and W; thanks, they're very useful! I've added the equal sign for sharps, since it's just to the right of the minus sign, which enters flats. The pound sign can't be used (it's the same as Shift 3 on this keyboard, and enters descending thirds). I've customized many of my shortcuts to make them easier to remember, but haven't finished learning some of the default ones.

Customizing shortcuts can be pretty tricky. I may eventually run out of options, because I have to avoid the use of Ctrl + Alt combinations, which I'm using for desktop shortcuts. That's all I need when entering a difficult passage in MuseScore -- one false move on the wrong key combination will launch one of my other applications, and shift the focus to that window! ;)

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