Alignment of 3-voice guitar part

• Jul 24, 2012 - 18:30

Hello, guitar parts often need three voices but separating the voices to make them clear can be quite tricky. There are a number of 'conventions' used by publishers, one of which is to forsake a bit of 'proper' alignment for the sake of voice separation and clarity. I would like to achieve this in voices 2 and 4, with downward beams, the best way for which would be to offset voice 4 slightly to the left, however this does not seem to be possible on Musescore. Does anybody know how to overcome the enforced alignment for this purpose?


Would shifting all the noteheads of two voices to the right and the other to the left but keeping the stems in line work? Right-click on a note, choose Select -> All Similar Elements and then right-click again and choose Note Properties: set all the noteheads to go to the right. Now select the lowest notes by pressing [Ctrl] and clicking on each note in turn or by selecting the first one and [Shift]-clicking on the last in a series of notes, and change their noteheads to the left.

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