Create a transcription video with musescore

• Feb 19, 2017 - 17:10

Hey, in the past i created a transcription video of a Freddie Hubbard Solo.
It was allot of work...

I did the following:
- First i transcribed the solo ;),
- then i captured my screen while musescore was playing back the transcription.
- finally i used Adobe Premiere to sync the original audio with my musescore playback video.

Are there maybe better solutions for this?

It would be great if i could insert an audio file in musescore.
And then you have to tag where certain notes occur in the audio.
if you work from left to right then musescore can calculate the playback speed between two tags.
Then i can capture the screen and the video will be already more or less synced. I just have to place the audio file to the right starting point.
Another solution could be to export videos out of musescore directly (including the inserted audio).
I know this is sequencing stuff like Logic or Reaper... but in a way musescore is a sequencer, too ;)

Let me know what you think about this!

keep groovin' folks!


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yes i know about this functionality... but i want to be able to create my own videos with premiere and other video applications.
i need musescore just for rendering/visualize the notes... maybe i've to code a little bit on my own to make it work :)
i just wanted to know if there is maybe already someone working on stuff like this.

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If you find any useful information, please post an update here.
      I personally am interested in the last step of finding an open-source method to linking audio to sheet music (or any type of video for that matter) with sync markers like with's functionality (not just the beginning offset). All the other previous steps can be done with free screen-capturing + ffmpeg/avconv.

It's already more then a year now, I finally found the time to study the MuseScore sources. I manipulated them and now I'm able to create animated sheet music videos. I think it can be a great thing to integrate this as a second "playback style" or at least as an option for video export in MuseScore. The only missing part so far is the syncing part directly in MuseScore.
Please have a look and enjoy my latest transcription video! I synced almost every note :)
Would be nice if more people see the great advantage of a build in sync feature! :)

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Hey, this looks awesome!

How have you managed to make the notes appear during the playback almost like typewriting? I'm new to this software.
Is this a kind of musescore plugin? I have been searching for the notation app with such feature for some months, but haven't found anything yet.

Thanks in advance for the response!

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