Notes after rests

• Jul 27, 2012 - 08:56

I don't know if this is a real issue with anyone else, it seems simple, but I can't get over it!

I needed to have a rest after a couple notes, and then have a note after the rest. I just cannot get the note cursor to the place after the rest to insert my note! Of course, the problem is that I have used up all the time in that measure, but I would like to decrease the value of the rest that appears by default in order to add my note after it. Is there any way to do this?



As you enter notes, the following rest adjusts to fill the rest of the bar.

In Note Entry mode, when you want a rest, select its note value and press 0 (not o) instead of a note name. Then enter the next note as normal. If you entered a note by mistake select the note with the cursor keys and press delete, or select the note, choose a note value, and press 0.

Simple example in 4/4:
Press N (if not already in Note Entry mode).
Press 5 for crotchets.
Press G twice.
Press 0 once.
Press G once.

You can also change the value of a note or rest in Normal Mode. Select the note or rest and choose a note value.

Lastly, still in Normal Mode, you can change the pitch of a note, or change a note to a rest or vice-versa of the same value, by selecting the note or rest and choosing a pitch name or 0. This leaves you in Note Entry mode.

If you are left with odd rest values, select the first rest, shift click the last rest, and delete. If it's the whole bar, select the bar and not a rest, and press delete. To change a dotted rest to separate rests select the rest, shift-cursor forwards once and backwards once and press delete.

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