Note entry with MIDI keyboard - Reloaded :)

• Aug 11, 2012 - 13:18

Hello everybody, I posted this already over a month ago...but I still couldn't fix the problem, so here it is again, this time with pictures:

I want to enter notes with my digital piano (CASIO CDP-100). I use Windows Vista and MuseScore Version 1.2. I got my digital piano connected to my computer with a MIDI cable and a USB adapter. My computer says that it found new a hardware component after I plug it in. However when I open MuseScore and go to note entry mode, nothing happens when I press a key on my piano.
Moreover, in preferences under I/O "Choose port midi input interface" there are no choices listed. Anyone got an idea what's wrong?

Thanks a lot!

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Sometimes the problem is the simplest thing. Two questions: (1) Are you sure the MIDI cable is connected correctly? The plug labeled IN gets plugged into the port labeled OUT, and the plug labeled OUT gets plugged into the port labeled IN. (2) Are you switching your digital piano on before opening up MuseScore?

BTW, I’m not familiar with this setup (where you have a MIDI cable that terminates with a serial (?) (parallel?) port and then a separate USB adapter plugs into it). One-piece cables -- MIDI in/out on one end, and USB plug on the other -- are inexpensive, and they don’t involve the extra hardware.

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I was sent to your comment and it was the solution for me! I never would have suspected that you place the cord labelled "in" in the port labelled "out", but I guess the "in" means in to the computer--thanks SO much.
Also, I did indeed have to restart Musescore once I had made this correction of the hardware.

The setup looks like a USB adapter connected to a PC Game Port connector. The short flying lead was to still have access to the game port with the MIDI cables connected. The Game Port was usually provided on the back of the sound card which made it the obvious output location for MIDI.

A few years ago the Game Port support disappeared from Windows likely because of the popularity of USB devices such as joysticks and naturally the hardware did as well.

If it were my system, I'd be looking in Device Manager with things connected up, powered on to see if there was an entry indicating VIsta knows something is there. Given the computer says it found new hardware I would suspect it should be there. Does a message pop up saying the new hardware is ready to use. If not it may be that new hardware was found but no driver or an incorrect driver was loaded.

If in Win7 I go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers I can see my USB - MIDI adapter (not same as yours) listed. Vista should be similar.

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Well, on Casio's Webpage it said USB-MIDI-Driver for "Digital Keyboards/ Pianos (excluding PL-40R) Version 1.2" so it seemed to me that this is the driver for all Casio pianos except

Whatever...I didn't realize that I might actually need a driver just for the adapter. And no, the adapter did not come with a driver.

This is the adapter. It says that it does not need any driver or software:…

The problem with the device manager is that it is in german. And I don't even know under which of the drop-down menus I should look for my piano...(If i open them all they don't fit on one screen so maybe you could tell me the one where to look...)

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OK I've had a look at the interface's web page.

The spec for it says:

"Supports Joystick, Gamepad, Steering wheel"

No mention of MIDI

The support for MIDI through one of these interfaces was part of the Windows 95 & 98 API, and, as has already been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, was discontinued in Windows XP as the use of USB interfaces had superseded the gameport. The drivers you downloaded from Casio are most probably designed to work with a direct MIDI->USB cable, not a USB Gameport, but you could contact Casio support to confirm this.

My feeling is, therefore, that easiest solution would be to buy one of the modern USB MIDI leads with 2 MIDI plugs at one end and a USB plug at the other, but again, Casio Technical Support are the people to ask to confirm this.

The other solution would be to get hold of a MidiMan MIDISport interface - the 2x2 is going for around £5 on Ebay. This solution would give you expansion for another keyboard for roughly the same (or less) money than you would spend on MIDI/USB cable.


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Yes, I remember those old interfaces, in fact I still have a lead for connecting MIDI cables to one which I came across when I was moving.

I believe support for them disappeared in WIndows XP, which would be why I went over to MidiMan USB interfaces when I purchased Sonar 3.

Incidentally I recently downloaded drivers for my remaining MidiMan 2x2, and connected it up. MuseScore found it straight away when it was launched. That was without a keyboard connected.

Given that this is an old joystick MIDI interface tacked onto a USB plug, my initial diagnosis of the OP's problem is lack of a proper driver - were any driver discs supplied with this interface when you bought it?

I must say I'm surprised that this kind of thing is still around! I have a sneaking feeling that some unscrupulous storeowner has been palming you off with obsolete equipment.

Sorry I have been so late wading in on this one - I didn't see the post until very late last night, and have been engaged with organists duties and essential grocery shopping until now.

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I have a similar problem. I installed MuseScore 2.0.3 on an older Win XP Home edition computer. (The MuseScore version I used was sent to me by Thomas Bonte: I am using a usb/MIDI cable with a Yamaha keyboard. This set up works fine with Sibelius 4.0. It also works fine with MuseScore for note input from the keyboard. The problem is that I cannot get any kind of playback or sound output, either directly from the computer's sound card or from my keyboard. I have tried every imaginable combination on the Preferences I/O tab. Under the Port/Audio button the USB MIDI adapter is recognized for MIDI INPUT, but there seems to be no option for MIDI OUT.

Frustrated in Little Rock, AR. Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure what you are trying to do. MuseScore doesn't support MIDI out (except via JACK, but you probably don't want to go this road with Win XP computer...). The only sound you should get is from the internal synthesizer of MuseScore and the computer's sound card, nothing from the keyboard.

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