MSCZ File Corrupted (Crashes Upon Opening) After Editing Gliss

• Feb 25, 2017 - 18:09

Hi there!

After finishing a complete score, I promptly saved my work and continued to work on another score in the session. I made a great deal of changes (unsaved) and proceeded to add in a glissando where one was needed. It went to the wrong note and after adjusting it (and accidentally directing it in the wrong direction), MuseScore crashed.

Worried about my scores, I restored my session (only to find that it had crashed again). I went through the scores that had been open in the session and only one of them seemed to have been corrupted, but it was not the one that had the adjusted glissando in it, but the one I had saved five minutes prior (the one with the glissando was able to be reopened with all my changes, sans the gliss).

I can't tell where it would have been corrupted and frankly, I spent a lot of hard work on that score that worked like a charm before the session crashed.

I've looked up previous issues and bugs, but I've only seen the duplication of a glissasndo and the files corrupted in those cases were the files altered (not before saving).

MuseScore Version: 2.0.3 revision 3c7a69d

Thank you so much for your help!

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Jojo: What I did was I attached a gliss and I started moving it backwards (by accident) and suddenly it crashed. I couldn't tell if maybe it connected to a previous note in a prior measure and that caused the crash, but as far as I was aware, it hadn't and crashed upon the gliss going backwards.

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There are two native file formats in MuseScore:

A mszc file is a compressed mscx file (like a zip file).

So I extracted the the mscx file from the mscz file with a file archiver and opened this file with a text editor and delete the double glissando part.

I opened the repaired mscx file with MuseScore and saved it again with the mscz extension.

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