Intermittent hangs when entering lyrics

• May 23, 2009 - 10:24

Hi all,

I've been hesitant to report this since I am unable to provide solid repro instructions. But it's happened often enough to recognise a real problem.

Sometimes, when entering lyrics, MuseScore hangs. This apppears to happen mainly when typing the underscore symbol under the last note in the voice bar - but not always. After such a hang, I can use Task Manager to kill the program, restart, reload the score - and then, entering the same lyrics usuallly works fine.

Rev. 1770 (Dutch), running on Windows XP, SP3 (Dutch).


In reply to by David Bolton

Well, as I already said, the bug is intermittent. After the program hangs, I kill the process, restart the program, reload the score and retry the same steps, it usually works just fine. And then some time later when adding more lyrics, it happens again.

The only things I can really report at this time are:
*) It only happens when entering an underscore character in the lyrics, never when entering other text
*) The chance of a hang appears to be slightly higher when entering the underscore in the lyrcis of the last note, but it also occasionally happens when entering underscores somewhere else

For now, I get by with frequently saving my work so I never lose too much. And I am aware that I'm using an unstable prerelease (but I need the export to .wav function)

Thanks for looking into it - and if I ever see more patterens in these hangs, I'll let you know.

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