Easy way to enter a chord with a tie

• May 23, 2009 - 10:47

When entering single notes, it's very easy to enter a tie. For instance, if a measure ends with a quarter-note C that ties into a half-note C at the start of the next measure, I can (in note entry mode) type 5 (quarter note duration), C, 6 (half-note duration), + (tie) and all is dandy.

But if I have to enter the same sequence for a C-E-G chord, life suddenly gets awkward. The start is similar: Type 5 (duration), C, Shift-E, Shift-G (for the chord), 6 (half-note), and + (tie) - but the tie now only produces a G in the second measure instead of the full chord. I can then use Shif-E, Shift-C to complete the chord, but now those notes are not tied so I still have to exit note entry mode, select each of the untied notes and add the tie after the fact.

If there is an easier way, I was unable to find it, either in the documentation or by trial and error. And if this is currently the easiest way, then I'd propose a feature to make this easier:
==> If + is entered after entering a chord, ties are createed for all notes.

This is my first preference, because I've never felt the need to create a tie for only one note from a chord. However, if styles or instruments I am not familiar with would need that, then my alternative suggestion would be:
==> Allow the user to press Shift-Up or Shift-Down during note entry to select the entire chord, and then press + to create a tie for the chord.
(I know that the Shift-Up / Shift-Down feature already exists; it's the "create tie for selected all notes in selected chord" feature I'm requesting)


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