Adding multi measure rests

• Feb 27, 2017 - 13:40

I have found a reference to multi measure rests but I don't understand it. I have 4 empty bars at the beginning of my SATB vocal score which I wish to represent as one bar with a 4 above but can't find how to do it. I am using version 2.0.3 revision -3c7a69d.

Can anyone explain exactly what I do? I have finished the score and want to edit it.


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Thanks - but how do I do this? The manual just says "Press M on your keyboard to turn it off or on"
- do I select the bar first, the rest or what? I have tried all these and pressed M but nothing seems to happen.

So I have deleted 3 bars, leaving just one and I wish to show that there is a 4 bar rest before the vocal parts sing. I have just added a text "4" above the single bar so it will do but I'd like to know for future scores.

Sorry I don't know how to link to my score - or how to show you a part of it.

You can only see multi measure rests if every line of music has rests. So if you want the multi measure rest to show up on the alto part only, you must extract parts and press M if you still see individual measure rests. If all parts SATB have a multi measure rest, they will show up for all the measures where this applies. In other words, MuseScore does it automagically when appropriate.

What you are looking when you enter multiple instruments (voice parts) on a page is the conductors score. Conductor's scores do not have multi measure rests printed on them. This view ensures that you can start entering notes, for example, in the 3rd measure of an extended rest. Otherwise you would have to somehow tell MS that you only want the 1st 2 measures represented with a multi measure rest. This would get tedious.

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