MIDI recording - any suggestions?

• Mar 2, 2017 - 00:09

As I understand, the MuseScore has no concept of real time when it comes to recording using MIDI keyboard as an input. It throws on the staff the right notes with pre-selected length regardless of how a piece is actually played.

All I want is to be able to use the software as simple "MIDI tape-recorder" to just play back exact sequence with right timing that was previously recorded. (granted, note durations can/should be quantized prior to get placed on the staff so no messy looking sheet music, but that can be a post-process step).

If MuseScore can't do it, can someone suggest a simplest software that does just that - records and saves MIDI file so it can later be played back (by MuseScore or some other program) and sound *about* as original was. Few pieces I tried are not meant for this, and have real time MIDI recording just as a "side option", so are too complicated to use and too many unneeded options.

Just need to record 1:1 what's being played on a keyboard and save as is (as it's heard), nothing more.

Thanks for any pointers!



You are looking for a MIDI record and playback system, a sequencer. There are many out there. Quantize and then export into a notation system such as MuseScore.

From the way you describe it, I think you underappreciate how complicated it is to get a "good" result, but it can be done. Good luck and keep writing.

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