Pedal crash

• May 25, 2009 - 02:09

Everytime I try copy and paste pedal the mscore shows an error message and closes. Pedal sign also does not affect the midi playback. Can it be because of the soundfont?


Oh, sorry... It is the prerelease 0.9.5 revision 1833, I've just updated it. The pedal crash doesn't occur anymore, even though the paste command doesn't really works for it. But now I I'm unable to save changes in files saved from 0.9.4 version and mscore doesn't open directly from the file originated for it.

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A bug report is only helpful if other people can reproduce the problem. Could you give step-by-step instructions? Maybe attach the file you are having trouble with, and explain what you mean by "the paste command doesn't really work". What is the expected behavior, and what is the actual behavior?

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All right, here it goes. Just open the file "Sem título.mscz" directly from the icon with the lastest prerelease mscore, then an error message appears (imagem I). Click OK then another window pops up (imagem II).
Open "Aito Hi", modify the file (insert a note or whatever) then save. A window will appear reporting error (imagem III).

About the paste, not worry, I just tried duplicate the parameters of a couple of notes to others, no big deal, it's not a soft failure.

Thanks :)

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I didn't get any errors opening the "Sem título.mscz". I wonder if you actually attached the wrong file? The one you attached has been save by a prerelease version of MuseScore, not 0.9.4 stable. Do you still get the same error if you open the file you attached to this web page?

I can confirm the crash after opening and saving "Aito Hi.mscz". Tested using r.1833, Windows XP

Since i can confirm the second crash and you might have uploaded the wrong file for the first crash (or possibly saved over the old, faulty file), I don't think reinstalling is necessary.

I uninstalled and installed it again several times, but it didn't work. I can't open any file from the icon but from the "Open" command in the program works. By the way it works only for non compressed files. The files I've sent are the right files. It's pretty weird.

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