Rapid keyboard navigation through lyrics

• Aug 25, 2012 - 16:40

In MuseScore 1.2, there's no apparent keystroke to advance rapidly through lyrics during editing. I started on 1.1, and automatically and intuitively used Left, Right, Ctrl+Left, and Ctrl+Right to navigate between syllables when editing lyrics. But on 1.2 those keystrokes drag the text around the screen, apparently by intent.

The "Keyboard shortcuts" help says, "Previous lyric syllable: Shift⇑+Space", which seems quite counter-intuitive to me, and probably to any experienced typist on a (computer) keyboard. Worse, the help goes on, "Next lyric syllable: Space". This is highly misleading, since pressing Space repeatedly will wipe out any hyphenation I've entered (and random underlines, as well).

Please, consider returning some sort of sensible keyboard navigation to lyric editing. I'm frequently forced to cancel editing then use the mouse to pick the lyric I want to work on next. For a typist, having to resort to the mouse to navigate is distracting and disruptive.


FWIW., use of space and shift-space is also how you navigate chord symbols. It's pretty convenient, really - given that space characters are not normally embedded within syllables or chords, it is very natural for the space bar to move forward.

But, good point, regarding the fact that space deletes hyphens et al.

The need to be able to nudge syllables by keyboard is, I would argue, stronger than the need to have keyboard navigation that doesn't wipe out hyphens. However, I think the solution is to allow nudge to work without actually being in Edit mode. That is, simply clicking a syllable (as opposed to double clicking it) should put it in "nudge mode". I think the same should be true for pretty much all elements. But I suspect that's a pretty big change internally.

Anyhow, for 2.0, it appears to already be back to having arrow keys navigate. No idea if its possible, or planned, to be able to nudge lyrics using the keyboard as is possible in 1.2.

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