tempo marking and playback

• Mar 5, 2017 - 15:21

I've shot myself in the foot- please help! In trying to set a tempo on my score, I've finally managed to get the playback starting at my chosen tempo (after several mistakes), but the playback reverts to the former (wrong) tempo on the second beat, even with all tempo markings removed from the page. Can't figure out and can't find in the help topics how to start over, getting rid of the current tempo memory, so I can input the preferred tempo. Any suggestions appreciated!


1. How sure are you you've removed all of the tempo markings. Is there a chance you dragged one out of view?
2. Can you share the score here, so we can understand what is happening with it?

Are you setting the tempo in the Play dialog? If so, this only sets the tempo for as long as the dialog is open. Once you're happy with the tempo, put in a permanent tempo mark either from the palette or by pressing alt-t.

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