crescendo, diminduento

• Aug 26, 2012 - 23:02

Is there any way to achieve (or approximate) a crescendo or diminuendo on a single sustained note?

For example, imagine a single whole note which starts at a velocity of piano and crescendos to forte. Simply using a hairpin doesn’t do anything to the playback. I have tried tying a series of eighth (or sixteenth) notes, giving each a successive increase in velocity, but that doesn’t seem to work. The note(s) all play at the velocity of the first note of the series, regardless of the velocity settings of the subsequent notes.

Of course, the exact reverse is true for diminuendi .

Any suggestions?


No way to get MuseScore to do anything like that., but if you export as MIDI, a sequencer or digital audio workstation should allow you to insert appropriate volume channel messages and perform other similar tweaks.

That would require the use of the Expression Controller (MIDI#11)

Unfortunately, although the instrument definitions support the use of MIDI controller numbers, there is currently no way to send this information from the score to the synth.

Support for MIDI controllers in the score has been begun in version 2.0, but I haven't tested it lately to see whether it works yet.

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