Muse questions

• May 28, 2009 - 15:37

Sorry to post OT but I don't really know where to ask as there doesn't seem to be any forums or irc channel for the Muse sequencer and I am unable to post to any mailing lists such as the Muse users or developers lists. Would anyone here know if there is Muse irc channel or forum? Of course musescore has evolved from within muse so this forum was my hope for getting some help.

I've not played with Muse in some time so I was very happy to discover
that the latest release claims to support the recording and editing of
automation curves. This is really great news if it works as it has
been a long requested feature by Linux audio enthusiasts and Muse
could distinguish itself by being the first FOSS MIDI app to feature
usable automation support. However, I have looked over all the
existing docs on the muse web site but it would seem that using muse's
automation features hasn't been documented yet and I have failed to
work out its usage so far.

I only really plan on using Muse as a MIDI sequencer as I've only got
a cheapo, integrated intel sound card in my machine right now but I am
hoping that I could draw automation curves under Muse to:

* Control instrument parameters under zynaddsubfx (ie cutoff,
resonance, LFO etc.) or another softsynth

* Control LADSPA FX properties

If I can do this already under muse 1.0rc2, I would be very grateful
if someone could provide step-by-step instructions on how to go about
doing both tasks. These instructions could then be added to the wiki
as (preliminary) automation documentation.

The other thing which seems to be missing is the ability to create
triplets or tuplets (ie groups of 3, 5, 7 notes etc.) in the piano
roll editor. Does muse support triplets yet? If so, how do I access
this feature?

I'm looking forward to muse 1.0 and beyond - thanks for your help!


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